Monday, March 22, 2021

Lovely choir plan for Wednesday March 24

Dear BUF Choir,

This Wednesday we'll celebrate our "Spring Equinox Love Song Fest" singers from last Sunday and we'll practice the hymns and special music for next Sunday, March 28 and for Easter, April 4.

We'll hear about the resumption of in-person singing at BUF, following guidelines being set by the BUF Covid Task Force.

We'll review how to find and view resources and videos on our choir blog site, including the Martin Luther quotes video and the Rick Hermann birthday video that are now posted there.

We'll remember our choir member Ernie Hinds, who passed away peacefully on Sunday evening, March 21, by singing selections from some beautiful classical music that Ernie loved.

It is so lovely to be together, even by Zoom.

See ya,


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