Monday, April 5, 2021

Let's Create a Ceremony for Tokitae for Earth Day

 Hi BUFsters of a musical bent,

What a lovely Easter service! Thanks to Jayme Curley, Ann Stevenson, Lisa Heezen, Al Heezen and Barbara Gilday for joining me in the first ensemble to sing in the BUF sanctuary in over a year.

Lummi Nation is asking for support in their efforts to free the orca Sk'aliCh'elh-tenaut (aka Tokitae) from the Miami Seaquarium. They are encouraging people to hold a ceremony on her behalf.  

Rev. Paul and I would like us at BUF to create a "Bring Tokitae Home" ceremony, to be the focus of the BUF Earth Day service on Sunday, April 18. As a choir, I'd like us to sing Whitacre's SATB version of "Seal Lullaby," in the same way that we sang the "Hallelujah Chorus" over Zoom in December.  We'll have sectionals on this song in the next two Wednesday rehearsals. You can find links to YouTube "Seal Lullaby" learning tracks posted in the choir blog. 

Before Wednesday, please watch this one-minute video to learn more and see excerpts of others performing ceremonies around the world:

and read this announcement:

Also, please put on your creativity caps to offer suggestions for other elements, musical or otherwise, that might be included in the Earth Day/Tokitae service.

See ya,


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