Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tomorrows Rehearsal cancellation

Hey Choristers

Unfortunately I have a golf match tomorrow that is going to run much longer than I thought. (I am the Girls Golf Coach at Sqalicum High School in case you did not know) it is the first 18 hole match of the season and the only one that got scheduled on a wednesday. We have 4 more rehearsals until our finale on the 23 of may so we are in good shape time wise. I figure that if we have to take a day off this would be a good one.

FYI tomorrow night is the last community dinner night and crystal has something really cool up her sleeve so Don't Miss it.

I would like to offer a little help to the new folks if they feel that they need it next week, perhaps we could get together a bit early like 6:15 and go over a few things kind of slowly to help get you up to speed quicker.

So enjoy your wednesday night and get ready for a rocking rehearsal next week!

In Harmony


PS if you missed the SQHS Concert Choir Cabaret, we are thinking about having an encore performance. If we did would any of you consider attending?