Friday, May 15, 2015

Another Candidate for saturday

Dear choristers,

The job at SQHS is under steep competition and it is unclear who will get the job at this point. The candidate from Minnesota, Jason Parker, is in town and available for an interview and I think we should give him a fair opportunity to apply for the BUF job in the even that he gets the squalicum job. We have set up an interview for him at 9am tomorrow morning (saturday) and I am asking that all choristers who can squeeze an hour of time at 10am on saturday in the sanctuary show up and rehearse for 30-40 min with Jason. we need to make sure we have the best opportunity to get the best candidate that we can. thanks for considering this opportunity to effect your future and the future of BUF!!

In harmony

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet the new candidate!

Dear BUF choristers new and old,

You are invited to come to sing with / under the baton of  one of our candidates for the new choir director position at BUF.

Kevin Allen-Schmid from Montana will be interviewing in the morning at BUF on Tuesday and we would like to put together a 30 min session with the choir at 7pm that evening. It would be great if you could make it but with short notice we understand if you can't.

We are not sure yet what you will be working on yet. you may learn something new. we may refine some thing we already know, we will probably have a few minutes for questions at the end. 

I will probably not be in attendance.  (as much as I would like to be :)) 

Hope you can make it.