Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving Week, 2020

Hi BUF singers, The BUF choir will meet via Zoom as usual on Wednesday, November 25. Melanie will lead the group thru Sunday's hymns and a vocal warmup, then everybody will break into sections to rehearse the Hallelujah Chorus. Section Leaders are : Soprano: Melanie, Alto: RuthAnn, Tenor: Karen F, Bass: Lawrence. There will be no Outdoor Singing Pods this week unless your Pod leader specifically arranges it with you. Otherwise, please assume your pod is NOT meeting. Happy Thanksgiving! Kevin

Monday, November 16, 2020

Plans for Wednesday, Nov 18

Hi BUF Choir. I looking forward to our full meeting via Zoom this Wednesday, Nov 18 at 7pm. Please have a copy of the Hallelujah Chorus for the rehearsal. I emailed the score to everyone last week, and you can also download it from this site and get it printed at Fed Ex or Copy Source for curbside pickup. With rain in the forecast, the Outdoor Pods will meet in the shelter at Whatcom Falls Park this week. Please check the schedule to confirm your times. Carl's pod: I've moved you again, to 1pm now. Mark-no video recording this week. Please nots: there will be NO PODS NEXT WEEK, the week of Thanksgiving, unless your leader arranges it with you. If you don't hear from your leader, you may assume you're not meeting. Love, Kevin

Monday, November 9, 2020

Wednesday, Nov 11 Choir Pods and Evening Rehearsal

Hi BUF Choir, We are getting a nice collection of video recordings for service music and group sing-alongs. Thanks to those who have joined the Outdoor Singing Pods so far. We are welcoming newcomers. Please let me know if you're interested and I will help you find a pod. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing. At Wednesday evening's full choir rehearsal we will be preparing Indian music for the Diwali service this Sunday, November 15, to be led by our own Debu majumdar. See you Wednesday, Kevin

Monday, November 2, 2020

BUF Choir plans for Wednesday, Nov 4

Hi BUFsters, Full Choir - This Wednesday, Nov 4, from 7-8pm, we are inviting the world to join us for a community building sing-along. I will be host together with Rena Ziegler from Congregation Beth Isrtael and Christopher Giffen from First Congregational. We are not using our regular choir Zoom link. Please go in advance to this address to register: and you will immediately be sent a new link. Also, this Wednesday, the Outdoor Singing Pods will meet at their regular afternoon times, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE YET. Since it will probably be raining, we need to take cover. Perhaps we'll be in the covered play area at Silverbeach Elementary. I will email y'all with the final decision. Friday's OSPs need to regroup or confirm their desires and get back to me. I love singing with y'all, Kevin