Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whidby Island Hazzah!

Dear Choristers,

you folks Never cease to amaze me!. We had right around 27 voices that showed up for the Whidby Island performance and it was a vibrant, honest, and meaningful time of sharing. We really did Blow the roof off of that place. Memorable moments for me were. Blue boat home and helping their congregation to feel the connection that we have become accustom to, of course you can't pass up the "Shouting Day, Day is breaking" Part. that part always kills! I had a lot of fun on Gate Gate especially the last "Ga-Te" and the way that we built up to it. I think my favorite part was starting "We Are One" and seeing the looks on your faces like "We are going to Rock this", That was my favorite.

Thank you for being flexible in the rush around moments before the service. It wasn't ideal but we came together and got the job done and you took ownership of the situation to help us present in a way that was true to our growing reputation. I hope that in the future we can work on that piece of the puzzle in a way that makes things more comfortable for us. That being said I am very proud of the way we all came together to sing beautifully.

See you wednesday. we will be working on "The Heavens are Telling" from Hayden's work "The Creation".

I would like to change the big choir rehearsal from 7-8 and move chamber choir up to 8:10 to 9:30. We have a big job in front of us to get "World of Difference" down for next weekend. Kay and Nat will be attending rehearsal from 8:45 - 9:30 and so we will have some time to get our parts down before they get set up and ready to play.

I am looking forward to next weeks service!

Thanks again. Lets keep our momentum going!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunday Whidbey Island service

Below are some quick reminders about Sunday [though most of this information is on the handout you received during Wednesday rehearsal].

  • Leave BUF at 7:30am [if your carpool is meeting at BUF]
  • Arrive at Whidbey Island Unitarian Fellowship - 9:15am []
  • Service starts at 10:00am
  • lunch is at 11:30am
Other details
  • dress: black bottom, solid bright color top
  • music: Good Night Dear Heart, Bright Morning Stars [chamber], Gate Gate, Dai Lanu, We are One, and hymns as per Wednesday's handout
Check out the practice site and the blog for YouTube videos of our songs.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday Ingathering Service

Below are some reminders about tomorrow's service. See you there!
  • time: arrive 8:30 sharp for rehearsal [remember there are two services]
  • dress: black on bottom, solid bright colored top
  • prepare: we will be singing We Are One, Blue Boat Home, Circle Round for Freedom [with harmony]

Friday, September 2, 2011

Whidby Island Prep

Dear Choristers,

because we have 2 rehearsals to prepare for our Whidby island service, If you have time I would ask that you take a look at the following pieces before rehearsal on the 7th

We are One
Dai Lanu,
Gate Gate
Dance with Joy (chamber Choir)
Good Night dear Heart
Bright Morning Stars (Chamber choir)
The most living moment (probably going to cut this one but take a look just in case.)

If you need music for these just email me and I will make them available for pickup at church.

Thanks all!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Letter

Dear BUFsters,

Music at BUF is an integral part of who we are and why we do what we do. For many of us, Music is the vehicle that that touches our spirit and reminds us to live lives of Purpose, Service and Joy. Part of my goal as your Music Director is to find ways for you to connect to your spiritual lives, our spiritual community, and to the spirit of the greater community through the universal language of music.
Doug and I had a fantastic time putting together and presenting the “Music as an expression of Faith” service on August 21st this year. This service reminded me that singing really is a direct connection to the emotional center of your spirituality, and If you feel like you need to connect to your emotional center, then I would suggest joining BUF Choir! Our first rehearsal is at 7pm on September 7th. If you are a new comer, just come 30min early and I will determine how best to place you into the choir. Chamber choir will directly follow the BUF Choir rehearsal starting at 8:30. Please talk to me if you are interested in singing in BUF Chamber Choir.
Last year was a booming year for our children's music ministry much thanks to the life long learning music team that made it their goal to improve the amount of music that our children are exposed to at church. This year I know that they will continue to improve the music offerings for our youth here at BUF. Chad Nuckles-Flynn is recruiting for the BUF Youth Band that uplifted several services last year, and the BUF Children's Choir will again be under the direction of Beth Beyers so keep your eye on the calendar for their first rehearsal.
As part of our outreach to other communities, the BUF choir has been invited again to perform at the Whidby Island Unitarian Fellowship on September 18th. We will share music of our UU sources much like we did in our finale last year. We will also be singing at the Interfaith choir festival on the 11th of Feburary.
Music at BUF is alive and well and ready for your contribution to our spiritual community. if you have a desire to Play, Sing, or any combination of those, please let me know and we would love to get you involved.

In Harmony

Andy Marshall