Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thank You!!

Dear BUF Choir. What a lovely service last night. Although things may have seemed hectic at the beginning (at least for me) The end result was a meaningful and heartfelt service. Solos were beautiful and confedent. The coventry carol really brought a sence of hush to the audiance (In a good way) Angel was my favorite performance of the night. the Womens ensemble mezmerized the audiance. The Bieble was magestic and well done. Thank you for the card and the Gift certificate to Piper. Your dedication and love of music continue to inspire me. Have a happy holiday. Check in here for details about our season for next year.

Your Proud director

Andy Marshall
Sing on!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve BUF stye

Dear BUF Choir,

Christmas Eve is nearly here and I am in Camas Enjoying some good family time at DeeDee's Parents place with all the cousins. It is a blast and I haven't seen my kids for a whole 36 hrs. 

I am realizing that several of you are not on my Email list so I am hoping that this info gets to you from the blog. If there is anyone that you know that did not get this please forward.

Lee and I pounded out the Script today and we are really looking forward to the show tomorrow night.

Congratulations to Sonya Morrison for landing the solo on Angel. It was a tough choice because everyone did such a good job but Sonya will do a great job with it. 

Here is a run down of the evening tomorrow. Thanks for a great season so far Bufsters! Lets make some great music tomorrow. 

In Harmony


5:30 Andy and DeeDee arrive at BUF to make copies of Holy and the Ivy and What Child is this. 

6:00 Set up Sanctuary and Sound / light Check (if any one wants to help with this we would be more than obliged.)
6:30 Quintet Rehearsal
7 BUF Choir warm up / Rehearsal (Don't be late please)
7:30 Sanctuary starts filling with people. 

Below is the Play by Play. Most of this will be in the OOS but if you want to be in the know then here are the details.

Christmas Eve   2013
1. 7:45 Pre-show Carol-sing:
* intro:
245  Joy to the World (3 verses)  [ANDREW on ORGAN]
235 Deck the Halls (3 verses)  [Melanie on Piano]
253 O Come All Ye Faithful (4 verses, Latin last)  [Andrew on ORG and Melanie on Piano]
237, The First Noël (3 verses)  [Amber on Piano]
259 We Three Kings (4 verses)  [Amber on Piano]
On the insert:  Holly and the Ivy (3 verses)  [Melanie Piano]
On the insert:  What Child is This? (3 verses) [Andrew on Organ]
[Amber on Piano—get music from Melanie]


2. Beginning:  The Tibetan gong sound strikes and we enter into the spirit of worship.
3.a. Lee Preface  to Coventry Carol
3.b. Coventry Carol BUF choir Acappella 
[Amber to give pitches; Melanie to play only if not a cappella]
4. Invocation:  The Rev. L. B. and the Rev. B.G.
4.b. Covenant here?
5a. Lighting the Chalice -- Andy Marshall, Director of Music Speaks on Redemtion
youve allowed yourself to fall into bad habits. to be simple is a way to see yourself more clearly and the opportunity to be redeemed is truly a gift.
[ Chamber choir move down to front while Andy is moving to light the chalice]
5.b. Kindling:  here the chalice of our heritage is kindled
6. Chamber Choir: Tis a gift to be simple  [Amber to give pitches; Melanie to play only if not a cappella] Chamber remains standing during quiteing.
7. Quieting:   silence for a time, begun and ended by the bell-ring.[
[Chamber returns to Choir after 2nd ring]
8. Opening Words -- Lee
9. Carol: Congregation 244 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (4 verses)  [Melanie on Piano]
 [Womens Ensemble moves from choir down to front during 2nd and 3rd verse]

10. The Story Begins…   The First Lesson            --Lee
Dickens’ A Christmas Carol [Scrooge is visited by Marley’s ghost]

11. Choral piece "Domulet" Womens Ensemble  [Melanie to give pitches]
*12. Carol:  #246, O Little Town of Bethlehem (3)   [ANDREW on ORGAN]
[Womens’ Ensemble moves from front back up to choir]

13. 2nd Lesson, What made Scrooge Scrooge
16. Choral piece “Angel” BUF Choir  [Melanie accompanies Choir on Piano]
Solo: Sonya Morrison
*17. Carol:  "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" 1st verse only [Melanie on Piano]
 Print Lyrics in OOS (to Cyd: Format this as you see fit.) 
Hark! The herald angels sing,
“Glory to the newborn King;
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled!”
Joyful, all ye nations rise,
Join the triumph of the skies;
With th’angelic host proclaim,
“Christ is born in Bethlehem!”
Hark! the herald angels sing,
“Glory to the newborn King!”

18. 3rd Lesson, The Ghost of Christmas Past
19.  Quintet:  Amber Nic DeeDee Andy Lizz     “What Sweeter Music” by John Rutter
[ANDREW accompanies on ORGAN]
*20. Carol, #231  Angels We Have Heard on High (3 verses)  [Melanie on Piano]
21.a. Offering: tonight’s offering will go to benefit the Interfaith Coalition [talk about its good works]  -- Lee
21.b. Offertory: Boccherini sonata in A major, movement 3.  And, if necessary, Gigue from Bach's 6th cello suite. Kyle Matson and Willey O'hana  [Melanie will give tuning pitch if they need it ]
22. Lesson 4, The Ghost of Christmas Present

*23. Carol:  #225 O Come O Come, Emmanuel 4 verses)  [Amber on Piano]

24. The 5th Lesson, The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

25.  Quieting: silence for a time ended by the bell -- Lee  

26. The 6th Lesson, Scrooge’s conversion                               

27 Ave Maria, Franz Biebl-- BUF Choir  [Amber to give pitches]
Solo: 1. Lauren Holmgren 2. Lizz Weber 3. Andy Marshall

28. Sharing the Light by Howard Thurman - Barbara

29.  [Lee and BG walk to chalice, light a taper and BG begins at back and works towards front.  Andy lights from chalice and shares with Choir]  
“Now we share the light of our faith and of our hope. When your candle is lit, please hold it straight so your neighbor can light theirs from yours. As you pass the light, it’s our tradition to also pass the peace: “Peace be with you.” Response: ‘And also with you.’” 

30. Closing candlelit hymn:  #251, Silent Night, from insert  (3 verses) [Andrew on ORGAN and Melanie on Piano. Amber on Soprano Descant]

31. Spoken Benediction                 --Lee

32. Postlude [Melanie Piano]

Musicians - Melanie Rieck, Piano; Amber Sudduth Bone, Piano; Andrew Hovenden, Organ; Kyle Matson, Cello; Willey Ohana Cello.
Vocal Quintet: Amber Sudduth Bone, Sorano; Deanna Marshall, Alto; Lizz Roberts, Alto; Andrew Marshall, Tenor; Nick Bone, Bass 

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Monday, November 18, 2013

a message from Linda Darks

Hi everyone. 

Oy Vey, "Oye" was great. I getting better about being able to sit and listen to you all without blubbering through the whole performance so I'll come more often.

I miss you all and the music so much. It's a joyful noise for sure.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oye! on Sunday!

Choirsters - we all know the routine, I know. But here is a reminder in any case.

  • arrive at 9:30 and we will rehearse until 10:05
  • dress in a bright, vivid, festive, solid colored top, paired with black pants or skirt

Thursday, October 24, 2013

what you need to know for Sunday

This is a short reminder of the details for the Sunday service.
  • arrive at 9:00am
  • volunteers, you should know what you'll be wearing
  • non-volunteers, dress as undead, or all in black if you prefer
See you Sunday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

videos up on blog

YouTube videos of In In Noctem [Andy was right, indeed there is a dwarf conducting the choir] and Oye are up on the blog. The Oye video features a female choir, but the quality and spirit seemed to more closely match our choir. Enjoy!

Friday, September 13, 2013

details for Sunday's Ingathering service

Here are the details you need to know for Sunday:
  • show up and be ready to sing at 9:30 sharp
  • dress in black pants or skirt and a solid colored top
The service starts at 10:30. Don't forget to bring your water for the water ceremony!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rehearsal on 9/18

Dear Choristers,

Great to see all of you last week.

I will be trying to update the Email list with all of your changes. for now I will use the blog for most of our comunications :)

Squalicum has scheduled their Open House for Wednesday 9/18 and I must be there for that event.

Currently I am looking for a sub for that reharsal. It is likely that Mark Hoffer (our candidate for the accopanist position for Sunday the 22) will be able to do it. I am waiting to hear back from him. We will definately have chamber choir rehearsal even if BUF choir is cancelled.

Mean while There are several folks that mentioned they will be at choir rehearsal tomorrow that were not there last week so be ready for a croud. Keep the search out for some Tenors and Basses.

Thank Ayanna when you see her for helping with the music library stuff and getting off to a good organized start.

Any questions? Never hesitate to email:

in Harmony

Andy Marshall

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Back

Dear BUF Choristers,

Was that the best summer ever or what!! I LOVE Bellingham! I hope you are ready to get to some singing this september because I certainly am. Here is what you need to know about choir this year.

First rehearsal is on Wednesday the 4th of September. 

Wednesday nights will still hold the same schedule of events which will be:

6pm Community dinner
6:30 Chamber choir rehearsal
7:00 BUF choir rehearsal
8:35 Womens ensemble rehearsal

Our Schedule up through December looks like this. This schedule is subject to change but we will do our best to stick with it and any changes will be available on our Choir blog. 

Sept 15th BUF CHoir
Sept 22nd Chamber
Sept 29th BWE
October 20 Chamber
Oct 27th BUF choir
Nov 3 BWE
Nov 10 Chamber Choir
Nov 17 BUF Choir
Dec 1 BWE
Dec 8 Chamber
Dec 22 Children's choir
Dec 24th BUF Choir + Chamber Choir + BWE 8pm Christmas eve Service. 

For the Christmas Eve Service this year we are doing the Franz Biebl "Ave Maria" This piece is magical and definitely one of the best pieces of choir music that I have ever performed. I am excited to work on it with you! Look for a recording on the blog of this piece!

I have tons of great music for this year and Lee and I and the worship arts team are deciding where it will land in the church year but be ready for a great ride.

If any one you know is interested in doing BUF choir Please have them come  a little before 6 on the 4th so we can get them oriented and put in the right place. We always have big numbers in our first couple of rehearsals and we never quite retain all of those folks. lets see what we can do about keeping those folks that are really interested. As usual we need guys so keep your ear out for those low voices while you are out and about. 

Lets have a great year!!

In Harmony

Andy Marshall

PS we are still looking for that Perfect Choral librarian that has the right mix of Well organized, Not interested in Singing but wants to help out in a powerful way, and can be scary when getting people to turn their music back in. Any of those spouses out there that want to help and have mad skills??

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Are One, indeed.

"When members of a choir sing, their heart rates quickly become synchronized, beating in the same rhythm. Researchers think this may be why singing together is a key part of religious rituals around the world, and such a joy for the singers."

I don't know how many of you caught the NPR story about this, but here is the link to the story. Very interesting. Yet another reason we love choir.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

choir end of year picnic

It wouldn't be the end of another choir year without a picnic on Lake Whatcom. Below are the details.

when: Wednesday, June 12, 5:30
where: gated beach area at intersection of N Shore Rd. and Silvern Ln.
bring: a potluck item to share

See you then!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Andy Late tonight

Dear Choirsters,

Addie has her first poetry exposition tonight from 6:30 - 7. I will be arriving a bit late to rehearsal I hope to Make it by 7:20

Chamber choir will be cancelled.

Cant wait to talk to all of you after our great performance at interfaith!!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Interfaith details

My Dear Choristers,

Please show up at Assumption in the Sanctuary at 10:30
the Rehearsal goes until 12:00
we are in the St Cecilia room for a breif rehearsal at 12:05 untill the concert
bring a lunch

Wear all black, I will bring the stoles.

Lets have fun!!


PS picked up a throat thing. hope i can still do the solo to walking man!!

BUF Easter Performances are on line!!

Here it is


I sure did!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Choir Clean Team Gig

Dear Team -- We are on again for BUF cleaning next Monday, May 6th at 7pm.   Takes about an hour, if enough helpers show up.  Hope to see you there!  Thans, Carl N.          

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday 4.28 choir details

Here are a few reminders about Sunday. Remember that we are meeting downstairs in the social hall to practice. Be there at 9:20 so we can start at 9:25. Come dressed in earth tones (tan, gray, brown - think Velveteen Rabbit).

See you Sunday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Need Baba Yetu Back :)

Dear BUF choristers,

We need to get BABA YETU and Dry Your Tears Africa back to the SQHS Choir Library this week. please plan on turning them in THIS Wednsdey during rehearsal.

See you soon :)


Monday, April 1, 2013

no choir rehearsal this Wednesday

This is just a quick reminder that there is no choir rehearsal this Wednesday. We'll be back at it on Wednesday the 10th.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What a Thrill!

Dear BUF Choir,

Last nights rehearsal was, if you can excuse the high school terminology, Totally Epic! For a first read on that music, the orchestra was totally amazing. I can't wait to hear it on sunday. Orchestra aside, The CHOIR was in rare form. I could just tell that you were all totally stoked by the sound that was coming at you and you really rose to the occasion. For as much work as it is to put this all together, It is totally worth it to bring all these wonderful people together and make such special music. I can't wait to see the look on the congregations faces when we blow into the "U Fal Me Wako" section and tear the roof off of our sanctuary.

We need to show our Orchstra that we appreciate them as much as possible. Although the idea of "Adopting" an orchestra member is touching The organization of such a thing proved to be a bit over the top. so we went to plan B. Barbara Guilde purchased $10 Starbucks cards for every single one of the orchestra members. If all of you were able to bring $7-$10 on sunday to pay back Barbara that would be great. Also there will be cards to sign for each orchestra member so after our rehearsal which should go to about 9:35 or so, we need to get to signing cards and making them feel appreciated.

Lets do the card signing in the old social hall.

I am so blessed to stand before you and be showered with your enthusiasm and love for this strange and beautiful art that we do. I am truly humbled. We are on the edge of something magical, and I am looking on with excitement and gratitude to this sunday when we can share our love for our congregation and each other.

In Harmony


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Late tomorrow

Dear BUF choristers,

I have an event at SQHS that may cause me to be about 5 min late to rehearsal tomorrow. We will have to have chamber choir rehearsal after normal choir.

I am so excited about Easter! the Scores for the orchestra will be here soon. The Orchestra is coming together and Lee and I started putting the service together. It is going to be great. If there is anyone who is interested in the Baba Yetu Solo please come ready to give it a try tomorrow.

Keep talking to your friends about getting back into choir for the next two rehearsals. I will send out a blast to our larger community to see if we get any takers. We need all the folks we can get to ballance that orchestra.

See you tomorrow.

Zigga Zoo


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

new links posted on blog

Audio recordings of last Sunday's performance have been added to the blog - take a listen! Links to audio are also below.

Also, a recording of Dry your tears, Afrika has been added to the blog. Direct link is below.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

choir details for Sunday 3.10 service

Here are the details you need to know for this Sunday!
  • arrive by 9:30 [don't forget it's daylight savings!]
  • dress in blue jeans and solid colored t-shirt [plain]
  • we'll be singing Hard Work, United, This Little Light of Mine, and Fire of Commitment

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Video of Sunday's performance of "Of This World"

For those of you that haven't seen the video of our performance of "Of This World" - the YouTube link been added to the blog, and the link is also below. Take a look!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Of This World is up on practice site

Thanks to the hard work of Al Heezen, the latest version of Of This World is now up on the practice site:

Al says it's a more complicated situation than usual and he hasn't had time to check every part, so let him know if you find errors. Also, a reminder for the Altos: the Alto I part is on the left speaker and Alto II on the right - headphones or earbuds are handy.

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with any of your part you're not sure of, then be at BUF at 9:30 sharp on Sunday, dressed in black.

See you Sunday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunday's performance

A quick reminder about about the details for this Sunday.

See you Sunday!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clean up crew!!

Hey choristers, I just got back from Atlanta and had a great time there but I forgot to mention to you before I left that we will be cleaning up buf today at 7:00pm. If you see this and feel like helping it would be great for you to show up New Year's Day and get BUF looking good. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. We have some exciting music coming our way. Hello 2013!