Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Service

Just a reminder of the details for tomorrow night's Christmas Eve service.

  • dress: black with red, green or gold accents
  • 6:45: arrive and we will do a run through of all pieces, head downstairs
  • 7:45: carols in sanctuary begin, choir will be in back of sanctuary until verse 2 of hymn #228, when we will file to the front and into our chairs
In the meantime, use the practice site [I think we all know what we need to work on], and listen to some of the YouTube videos if you haven't already.

See you tomorrow night!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

why we sang with straws in our mouths on Wednesday...and other important information

Amber was helpful enough to pass along this info about the benefits of warming up with the help of straws:

  • Recent voice science research has demonstrated the usefulness of straws for encouraging optimal breath flow and ease of phonation – and they can be terrific for warming up quietly backstage. Try doing some glides, scales and arpeggios or phrases of your song. See “Five Favorite Vocal Warmups” from the National Center for Voice and Speech at this article on the use of straws

Other notes about our upcoming Christmas Eve service:
  • Wednesday rehearsal: women, be prepared to possibly stay an extra 15 minutes after rehearsal to rehearse "I sing a Maiden".
  • Use the online practice site! Especially for "O Holy Night" and "I Sing of a Maiden". Also, check the blog for the YouTube videos...there are quite a few up there now.
  • The schedule for Christmas Eve: arrive at 6:45 to run all songs. After a run through and any last minute tune ups, head down stairs to prepare for procession while people arrive. Attire: TBD...we'll find out at Wednesday rehearsal.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reminder for Saturday retreat / rehearsal!

We will be meeting downstairs in the BUF social hall on Saturday morning [Dec11] from 9:00 - 11:00.

Arrive shortly before 9:00 to get settled so we can begin rehearsing at 9:00 sharp. We'll have a short coffee break around 10:00. Bring your voices and your energy!