Thursday, March 29, 2012

a note from Al

Hey, singers
The chamber piece "Set me as a Seal" is now on the website.

I learned last month that some programs handle the site better than others, so if you are having trouble using it, take a look at this page:


Sunday, March 18, 2012

vocal skill building workshop with Fabiana Katz

 In cooperation, the Threshold choir and the BUF choir offering a skills building workshop:
  • Sunday, June 10th
  • 4:00-6:00pm [Possibly an extra hour if we can scare up an extra $75 - we might just split with folks wanting to stay, we’ll see]
  • with Fabiana Katz
We need an unofficial head count of interested parties ASAP. That will determine if the flex room at BUFwill be large enough or if we will need to move to a different venue. The Sanctuary is not available at that time that date.

Costs to each participant will be little to minimal to none. Details being negotiated. Please do not make cost a deterrent of your participation. Open to all genders and voices.


Molly Monahan

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

some news and notes from Al about the practice site

Al Heezen mentioned in tonght's rehearsal that "Distant Land" is now on the practice site. Many thanks to Al for all the work he put into this one!! Our choir is lucky to have him. Below are some notes from Al about that piece as well as the site in general.

I just put our new piece "Distant Land" on the practice website. It was pretty tricky, with as many as eight parts wedged into 2 staves, so let me know if you find errors. I got carried away and put the piano part in, also.

A month or so ago I made some changes to the site (improvements, I hope) but I'm not sure the word got out. Here is a link to the info:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

reminders for Sunday

Some notes for this Sunday.

First, and most importantly - don't forget the TIME CHANGE! Our 8:30 rehearsal time will be 7:30 if you forget to set your clocks [yikes!]. That being said, here is the breakdown.

PREPARE: Use Al's practice site to go over any notes you are unsure of. There are also a couple recordings of Walk Together Children on the blog, or click here and here to listen.
ARRIVE: 8:30
DRESS: all black

See you Sunday!