Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi Choristers,

SQHS Concert choir is haveing our retreat at BUF tomorrow (Saturday) and we will be working with the incredible Judy Filibeck. It just occured to me that If you would like to hear the result of our work, come on up to BUF around 3:00 tomorrow and we will be doing a little concert as a result of our work that day. Nothing fancy or any thing just fun and it would be nice to have an audiance.

in Harmony


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Details for Sunday September 18th performance!

Hello choirsters! Below are some details for Sunday's performance.

Time: 8:30 sharp [we will be singing at the 9:15 and 11:15 service]

Dress: black pants or skirt, solid color top

Music: Thula Klizeo [#1056], Variety of UU kids songs [we will go upstairs with the children and sing as an intro to RE], Blue Boat Home [#1064]

Any new choir folks, make sure you bring a black binder or choir folder for your music. And don't forget that Thula Klizeo is on Al's BUF choir practice site.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Change in plans

Dear Choristers,

What a fantastic opening we had last Sunday! We really shook the foundation and got the year of with a bang.

I had originally wanted to perform Dai Lanu on the 19th which is next sunday. After some thought and some collaboration with Doug we both decided that to be really successful we would need to have more rehearsal on Dai lanu than we have time for right now, and to do something a bit easier. This is what we are going to do. Don't worry if you have been working hard getting the parts memorized and such, Al's hard work getting that song on the web will not go in vain. We will do it in the spring for sure.

This is the plan for next sunday

we open with Thula klizeo #1056 a rocking piece out of the blue hymnal.

then we will go upstairs with the children and sing several of the new children's songs with them as an intro to RE. (This will be super fun! and great for the kids.)

Then I have some harmony parts for Blue Boat home that we need to learn for when we come back and join the congregation for the last hymn.

This will give us some breathing room to work on Cornerstone for the Building dedication on the 10th and Gate Gate by Brian Tate which is our new piece for the 17th of September.

There we go. Still a steep agenda for the first 2 months but better than it was.

We have several new people coming in tomorrow night so lets be our normal welcoming and friendly selfs. I think we are in for some significant growth.

In other news Don't forget to bring Baked Goods to stock the freezer for Coffee hour on sundays, Also The choir Cleaning Team is the coolest church cleaning team on the planet and they are looking for a few good folk to help keep our new building clean. Consider joining.

Here is the new line-up:

Thula Klizeo #1056 - next sunday
Blue Boat Home#1064 - Next sunday
Bunch of UU kids songs - Next sunday (super easy)
Cornerstone - Oct 10th (Building Dedication)
Gate Gate - Oct 17th
Good night dear heart - Oct 14th

Lets Rock!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Post

Hey Choristers,

I sure had a great time with you on Wednesday night. The sound was big, unified, and full of emotion. Just like we never left! We are going to fill our new house with love and make a great showing on Sunday.

Logistics for Sunday:

Dress - Street / Church clothes
Time - 8:30 Be there on time please

We are there for both services so be ready for that.

New folks, If you don't have a black folder for your music already, make sure you have one.

Also Al has the new music up on his site. remember you have to download the plugin if you want to use it. I believe the instructions are there.

See ya tomorrow.