Thursday, March 28, 2013

What a Thrill!

Dear BUF Choir,

Last nights rehearsal was, if you can excuse the high school terminology, Totally Epic! For a first read on that music, the orchestra was totally amazing. I can't wait to hear it on sunday. Orchestra aside, The CHOIR was in rare form. I could just tell that you were all totally stoked by the sound that was coming at you and you really rose to the occasion. For as much work as it is to put this all together, It is totally worth it to bring all these wonderful people together and make such special music. I can't wait to see the look on the congregations faces when we blow into the "U Fal Me Wako" section and tear the roof off of our sanctuary.

We need to show our Orchstra that we appreciate them as much as possible. Although the idea of "Adopting" an orchestra member is touching The organization of such a thing proved to be a bit over the top. so we went to plan B. Barbara Guilde purchased $10 Starbucks cards for every single one of the orchestra members. If all of you were able to bring $7-$10 on sunday to pay back Barbara that would be great. Also there will be cards to sign for each orchestra member so after our rehearsal which should go to about 9:35 or so, we need to get to signing cards and making them feel appreciated.

Lets do the card signing in the old social hall.

I am so blessed to stand before you and be showered with your enthusiasm and love for this strange and beautiful art that we do. I am truly humbled. We are on the edge of something magical, and I am looking on with excitement and gratitude to this sunday when we can share our love for our congregation and each other.

In Harmony


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Late tomorrow

Dear BUF choristers,

I have an event at SQHS that may cause me to be about 5 min late to rehearsal tomorrow. We will have to have chamber choir rehearsal after normal choir.

I am so excited about Easter! the Scores for the orchestra will be here soon. The Orchestra is coming together and Lee and I started putting the service together. It is going to be great. If there is anyone who is interested in the Baba Yetu Solo please come ready to give it a try tomorrow.

Keep talking to your friends about getting back into choir for the next two rehearsals. I will send out a blast to our larger community to see if we get any takers. We need all the folks we can get to ballance that orchestra.

See you tomorrow.

Zigga Zoo


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

new links posted on blog

Audio recordings of last Sunday's performance have been added to the blog - take a listen! Links to audio are also below.

Also, a recording of Dry your tears, Afrika has been added to the blog. Direct link is below.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

choir details for Sunday 3.10 service

Here are the details you need to know for this Sunday!
  • arrive by 9:30 [don't forget it's daylight savings!]
  • dress in blue jeans and solid colored t-shirt [plain]
  • we'll be singing Hard Work, United, This Little Light of Mine, and Fire of Commitment