Saturday, November 21, 2009

First blog in a while

dear choristers,

I am looking forward to our performance tomorrow. Again the call I'd
8:30 and be dressed in brown and green.

Andy Marshall
Choir Director


  1. I was just rehearsing with the posted youtube video of Gate Gate and noticed that they don't do a lot of the repeats. I'm trying to memorize the song as much as possible so I can get out of my music and singing along with the youtube is how I'm trying to get the patterns in my head. I found another fairly decent video (below) that has all the repeats we're doing. You might want to try singing along with that one just for the overall shape of the piece.

  2. One more thing. I notice the calendar says we're meeting at 8AM Sunday but I think Andy said 8:30. Which is the right time?