Sunday, November 21, 2010

Annual Choir Retreat

It’s time for the Annual Choir Retreat out at Kara’s on 12/11 

We do a breakfast and lunch and need setup, breakfast, breakfast cleanup, lunch, lunch cleanup.  It takes a little effort from the lot of us so we need to be thinking of which tasks we’ll each do.
We’ve got several people with different dietary preferences so you all should consider providing food so your needs are taken care of.  All food needs to be labeled.  Food included beverages, including tea, coffee, milk and juice.

I’ll have the lists at choir practice on 12/1 so be prepared with your pencils ready to sign up for a couple of jobs.  If you need child care, please arrange it with DeeDee.  It will be off site and BUF will provide it for your kids.  We need help to get chairs and the coffee pots from BUF to and from Kara’s that day.  Also needed are 3 keyboards, preferably with pedals.  I’m assuming that the BUF van will be available to haul it all out there.

Please contact Linda with any questions: or 756-6648.

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