Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Back

Hi choristers,

I am looking forward to meeting with you and getting a roaring start to our spring season. See you tomorrow night (or tonight depending on when you get this) Rehearsal starts at 7pm on the dot (new years resolution!) with or without you so don't be late.

For your future planing here are a few dates:

Sunday Jan 24 Buf choir sings with the marimba band!!
Sunday Jan 30- chamber
Sunday Feb 6 BUF choir sings Dai Lanu
Saturday Feb 12 BUF choir sings Dai Lanu at interfaith
10:45 AM – Combined Choir Rehearsal
12:30 PM – Break (please bring sack lunches)
1:00 PM – Concert

That should get you started, More detail tomorrow night.


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