Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fellow choristers:

Perhaps it's time to take a minute or two to say a big thank you to Beth and Wendy who have to keep scampering around copying our music and missing practice while we demand music. Or perhaps, a hug for Al who diligently keeps the website up to date to help us with those notes we just can't seem to get no matter how many times we try. What about Melanie's brilliant accompaniments, playing all 4 lines of music in different rhythms while watching Andy at the same time? Becca keeps us up to date with her blog spot notices (yes, Becca, you have to leave this part in the note!). And of course, when was the last time you gave Andy a hug or told him just how much choir meant to you?

Then of course, there are lots of other choristers who show up just like you do every week, helping you find your place when you weren't really paying attention or lending you a pencil and so many other things.

Think about it, but not too long cuz it's time to sing with the greatest bunch of folks ever.

-Linda Darks

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