Friday, August 1, 2014

Choir Help Needed!

Dear Choristers,

Its time to rally. You may or may not have heard but one of our beloved tenors, John Thibault, after his battle with cancer has moved on from this world. His voice and smile will be missed but I know his spirit will be with us when we sing again together (First rehearsal Aug 27th at 7pm). Before that however, there is some urgent business that needs taken care of at John's house. See Heidi's email below for the details.

See you soon.

In Harmony


Please forward to choir members.
Hi Folks,
Khore is staying with family in France until the 11th. She and John had been doing some maintenance and renovation this year, but as his health declined, he just couldn't do it all. I'd like to organize a work party for the 9th. There are some things that just need doing. I hate to think of her walking in for the first time without John and having to pull on the broken front door handle, for instance. It will be hard, but hopefully the love we have for her will make it easier.
The water went out two days ago. John's daughter is taking a look tonight and hopefully it's a simple fix. If not, we've got a pump and well guy coming Monday

High priority: reinforcing the fence. Their dog has been getting out daily. The cyclone fence top rails are fine, but the bottom rails have been rotting. Repairs with bricks in the holes are not sufficient.
Gate has a chewed bottom rail that needs repairing.
Front door screen needs a new handle.
Weed garden
Mow grass - there is an electric mower at the house
Spread chips - there is a large pile and Tasha says that would really make Khore happy.
Window washing - inside and out

General, thorough house cleaning.
Master bath has a spot of mold in one corner.
Area rug needs cleaning.

John had laid new flooring in two bedrooms and the flooring for the living room is sitting in the dining room. That's probably too much to take on, but it will be a high priority item for Khore. The old floor is already ripped out.

Plan: prior to the work party it would be good to have someone make a list of materials needed for the job
Someone to procure materials,
Folks to sign up for a task (I have photos, so I could send you a picture of what the repair is that needs to be made).
If you aren't handy with these tasks, maybe bring food for the workers?

Can't come Saturday? 
Donate to the cause in some other way? You tell me.

I can work out another time before then if Saturday is a problem.

Thanks for whatever you can do!

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