Monday, November 2, 2020

BUF Choir plans for Wednesday, Nov 4

Hi BUFsters, Full Choir - This Wednesday, Nov 4, from 7-8pm, we are inviting the world to join us for a community building sing-along. I will be host together with Rena Ziegler from Congregation Beth Isrtael and Christopher Giffen from First Congregational. We are not using our regular choir Zoom link. Please go in advance to this address to register: and you will immediately be sent a new link. Also, this Wednesday, the Outdoor Singing Pods will meet at their regular afternoon times, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE YET. Since it will probably be raining, we need to take cover. Perhaps we'll be in the covered play area at Silverbeach Elementary. I will email y'all with the final decision. Friday's OSPs need to regroup or confirm their desires and get back to me. I love singing with y'all, Kevin

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