Monday, December 28, 2020

New Year's Music Notes

Here's noting the music making that we accomplished at BUF in 2020! Music helped our community keep body, mind and soul together throughout the upheaval of the year. A big thumbs up to the seventy or so who participated in a variety of ways. 

The next BUF choir rehearsal will be at 7pm, Wednesday, January 6, at 7pm via our regular choir Zoom link:  

We will not be holding Outdoor Singing Pods in January or February. During the winter months we hope to create some musical support for the Interfaith Coalition, as well as music for our regular BUF services. 

The coming musical year is currently a blank slate. Please email me or any member of the choir committee your offerings, requests or suggestions for BUF music in 2021. The current committee members are Elie Friedlob, Carol Smith, Cindy Pfeiffer-Hoyt and Carl Nyblade. I and sometimes Melanie Rieck also attend committee meetings. 

May we all experience the happiness of making and enjoying music together in person as soon as possible, and via Zoom in the meantime. 

Kevin Allen-Schmid, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Music

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