Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daemon Down

Dear Choristers,

Again you cease to amaze me. We have learned all the notes in Daemon in 2 rehearsals!

lets make sure and keep them learned for next Wednesday so we can work on musicality and cranking up the tempo.

Huge thanks goes out to Janis for painting our Choir Folder Holder! now I can label it and we can start assigning spots.

Also big thanks to Beth for filing music last week. It is a big job and she is helping us all by doing it.

The Food at the Community dinner this evening was fabulous Crystal can really cook a meal. However there were not as many folks there tonight as I would have imagined there should be. Think about it.... 4 bucks, no hassle, home cooked, good friends, there for you when you need it. why would you miss it???? Also if it is going to fly we will need a few folks to consider making food for one of the evenings. If you are enjoying the service consider giving back one of these nights. Just let me know if you are interested.


It is a pleasure working with you these days. Have a look at the YouTube video found on the right hand side of the blog and sing along. Go over the pronunciation in the shower. Hit Al's site once or twice. When we start rehearsal on Sunday I hope to fine tune and not fix too much.
things to remember: Long Phrase, Imagery, Lips out, Watch me.

Dress: Black
Time : 8:30

Thanks for your great work in uplifting this congregation.


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