Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Holy Smokes!!

What a rip roaring kick of to the 09/10 BUF choir season!! To have gotten 2 songs nearly performance ready with out having even seen the music before rehearsal and with only 25 minutes with Andrea is a tribute to the music training that we have been doing, and the confidence you have in me, and yourselves.

I would like to reiterate a warm welcome to the new people that came tonight. You have already made an incredible contribution to this group and I hope that you are able to continue singing with us. Rehearsals are not always that intense but I am glad to see that when put under pressure you can deliver! I hope you enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed you.

Big thanks to Jami and Andrea for bringing even more life and vitality to our music.

Here are some rehearsal tips for this week:

Have Fun singing "the best of times" in the shower!! (but don't bring the words with you, they'll get wet, and you'll have to memorize them.)

With "We Are One", Practice rhythms at m108-118 accenting the down beat(ex. TEach them TO our CHIL dren) overemphasizing the consonants on the accented down beats.
work the transition from m66-71 arriving confidently on the Ahh at 71, Practice intervals at m78, remember that you don't sing from m39-50 but that you have to come in on the right note at 51. Sometimes humming along with the solo will help get you to the right note when you need to be there

If you are able to get those things down we will be in great shape to put everything together on sunday morning.

I am so Ecstatic!!

Be ready to sing at 8:30 on Sunday
Dress: Solid color on top and Black bottom.

See ya there.



  1. This is cool Andy. I like that you have a place to remind us about specific rehearsal tips.

    I wish we could memorize We Are One because it would be more fun without holding music. I think that's a bit ambitious but the closer we can get to that the better.

    Wednesday night was totally fun and energizing. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making it that way.

    Altos rock.

    Carrie K.

  2. Andy, can we use the blog to call in "sick"? Either practice or day of?