Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday with the Band

Hey Choristers,

this is just a heads up that we have an optional rehearsal on friday (5th) from 4:30 to 5:45 to work with the band and have a final tune up before the big day on the 7th. After one rehearsal with the band I am super excited to get them together with you on Wednesday. Wednesday's rehearsal will be partly with the band/ percussion ensemble and partly with us just tuning things up.

it should look like this:

7pm rehearsal starts (tardiness has been an issue lately. warmups will be short this week so be on time.)
-warm up
-morning has come#1001
-I know I can #1015
-Gloria: get the diction smoother, Make sure we are confident on our rhythms, work on our tone and blend to get those big major cords sounding powerful and authentic.
-8pm band shows up and we run the gloria mixing in the rhythms with the choir.
8:30 band runs Don't stop believn' with the chamber choir + volunteers

Again the Friday rehearsal is not mandatory but after wednesday I have a feeling that you will want to come just for the fun of it.

See ya on wednesday


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