Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Second service Booboo

Hey Choiristers,

I just wanted to appoligise for the crazy directing that happened during "All Creatures" in the second service. the Pages of my music go totally mixed up and when I turned from page 2 and saw page 7 I frantically tried to find the right page to no avail. I should have just looked up and smiled and let you do your thing and we would have been better off that me frantically looking for pages.

Any how I just wanted to say that considering the circumstances you did a great job getting through that piece. And if nothing else it does reassure me that you do actually need me on occasion. :)

I am looking forward to tomorrows rehearsal... we have a whole lot of music to tackle. Can't wait.

I have some YouTube of our pieces posted on the blog here.

check it out.


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