Friday, September 29, 2017

Dear Chalice Choir,

I loved our rehearsal last night. Thanks for hanging in there with me and with each other.

We now have 62 on the roster, 38 women and 24 men, which is powerful, humongous and awe-inspiring!

And we may have up to a dozen more singers to join us for our December 10 performance of Britten's "Ceremony of Carols."

Everybody should now have a reading buddy, which I hope provides our learners with solid, ongoing help in figuring out what to sing and how to sing it.

This Saturday, September 30, Ruth Ann Hanlin is offering sectionals at BUF - no RSVP, just show up - as follows:

9:30am Sopranos
10:15 Altos
11:00 Tenors
11:45 Basses

She will be going over "This Little Babe" and "A Mighty Fortress"

This Sunday please be on the risers ready to sing by 9:45am

We're going to do Guantanamera and There Is More Love for the service which starts at 10:30am.

Please wear black on bottom and a solid color of your choice on top (what we're calling a box of crayons)



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