Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Little Recruiting Push 9-19-17

Dear BUF Chalice Choir and friends,

We had a great start to the BUF choir season with performances the last two Sundays.

Good job learning all those notes!!

We rehearse from 6:45 to 8pm on Wednesdays. Tomorrow evening, September 20,  we'll be welcoming a number of newcomers and returnees and we'll be introducing the repertoire for our Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, including Benjamin Britten's spectacular "Ceremony of Carols."

This 30-minute classical masterpiece for choir and harp is a thrill to sing, and with the strong leaders that we already have in the BUF Chalice Choir leading the way, it will be a chance for singers new to choir to be a part of something grand and inspiring. We have engaged the area's finest harpist, Jill Whitman from WWU, to play harp in our performance on Sunday morning, December 10.

Now is the time for all of you to bring your friends to try us out, before we get too far into this season's music.

The next time we'll give a little recruiting push will be in January.

Looking forward to the enthusiasm and joy of tomorrow’s rehearsal :)


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