Sunday, October 4, 2020

Outdoor Singing Pods Moving to BUF

 Hi BUF choir members and friends,

WCC has informed us that we are not allowed to hold our singing rehearsals on the WCC campus.

The choir committee has met to discuss various other options for us, and we have decided that, for this week at least, we will try using the back courtyard of BUF for the Wednesday, October 7 pods..You may park in front and walk around, or park in the small lot just behind BUF. We'll try spreading out there under the overhang of the building and using the BUF canopy. 

It seems that we may need one more canopy in order to be comfortably spaced out if it is raining. BUFsters, please let me know if you have a canopy to lend, or tell me the name of someone whom I might ask.

Thanks, and see ya,


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