Monday, September 28, 2020

Outdoor Singing Pods, ReSOurces Event, Zoom Choir - Wednesday, Sept 30

Hi BUF Music Makers, 

Please subscribe to this blog (see the subscribe box in the right-hand column) to be notified whenever new info is posted (an email notice is sent at 4am after any day that something is posted). We have switched to posting choir communications here on the blog instead of sending out emails. You can check here anytime for recent posts and for all needed choir information, such as schedules, scores and documents. 

Outdoor Singing Pods (OSPs) continue this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, September 30, and October 2 and 3. Read about them in the documents to the right. You are encouraged to participate in these Pods, if you feel comfortable. Please email me with your requests, questions or ideas. 

Note: there is room for one more singer in the Vaishnav Jan To pod at 3pm Wednesday. 

Please join the wider BUF Community in attending the exciting ReSources Event, which is also this Wednesday, September 30, at 5:30pm:  “From Crisis to Recovery: Forging a Collective Path Towards a More Just, Equitable and Green Future.”   You may register in advance at 

See you soon - Wednesday afternoon at WCC if you are scheduled for an OSP, at the ReSources event at 5:30pm, or at 7pm for the full choir meeting via Zoom at password: BUF 

Regards, Kevin

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