Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Wednesday Feb 3, 2021

Dear BUF Singers, 

Thanks to Karen FitzGerald, we now have a new updated score for "We Shall Be Known" and separate sheets for each part: Soprano (harmony), Alto (melody), and Baritone (harmony). These can be found in the "We Shall Be Known" folder on the Choir Blog site:    http://bufchoir.blogspot.com

Thanks o Al Heezen, we now have rehearsal tracks for each part as well. These can be found on the BUF Choir Practice site:    http://bufchoir.org

Please print yourself a copy of the score and/or your individual part, and rehearse it before choir on Wednesday,= if possible. That will help us make better progress as a group over Zoom - or at least it may help us to know what questions to ask.

Also in Wednesday's rehearsal, i will share with you a video clip of one of my favorite moments in music of all time. Just wait for it . . .  



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