Thursday, September 17, 2020

Rehearsal Notice 9-16-20

Announcing 9-16-20 BUF Choir Rehearsal 

 To any and all persons interested in BUF Music, or just a party, 

 All people everywhere are welcome to tune in to the BUF choir rehearsal/social gathering from 7-8pm tonight, Wednesday, September 16 via our regular Zoom link: 

 Special features of this rehearsal: 

-sing "Side By Side" in two-part harmony, and learn how to sing a duet with yourself or somebody else using the Acapella app on your phone 

-spectacular photos of Amy Van Auker and Travis Kurtz’s wedding (with rainbow) 

-a devastatingly real poem called "One FIre, Quenched with Another", for 11 readers 

-an introduction to "Vaishna Jan To," a favorite song of Ghandi, which Debu Majumdar and his Outdoor Singing Pod may prepare for the November 15 service 

 See you tonight! Kevin

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