Monday, September 21, 2020

BUF choir emails and info now to be posted here

Hi BUF Music Makers, 

 Please sign up on this blog (see the box in the right hand column) to be notified whenever new info is posted here (it seems an email goes out automatically about 4am after any day that something is posted). 

 If I post all our choir communications on this site, then you can come here anytime to find the things you used to get only via email and attachments. 

 Outdoor Singing Pods (OSPs) start this Wednesday, Sept 23. Read all about them in the documents listed in the right-hand column. If you have requests, ideas or feedback about the OSPs or anything else, please email me. What is posted here is just a draft and a start. You are welcome and expected to participate. The names that are here so far are only here because those people already emailed me their requests. 

 See you soon - Wednesday afternoon at WCC if you are scheduled for an OSP, or at 7pm for the full choir meeting via Zoom, using our regular link: Here's the password: BUF 

Regards, Kevin